Up to €30 gift on your energy invoice

The green part of your electricity at ENGIE for free for 1 year. Let’s build a green future together.You are already making efforts to reduce CO2 emissions during your trips by choosing more environmentally friendly means of transport.

For ENGIE customers who use Jeasy, ENGIE offers the greenification of your electricity for one year. And even if you’re not yet an ENGIE client, you can let Jeasy know you want to become one, and Jeasy will put you in touch with the appropriate department.

Enjoy a 10€ gift on your annual energy invoice (and up to 30€ with 3 gifts) and sustainable and locally produced electricity. ENGIE ensures that you only use renewable energy of Belgian origin, you can count on that!

By choosing green energy, you can reduce your annual CO2 emissions by 1.5 tons, which is no less than 15% of your ecological footprint. Do you think that your contribution to the fight against climate change is not helping? No such thing! You surely contribute to a larger plan by reducing your carbon footprint. With your help we can accelerate the energy transition and have more impact together. Nearly one million households have already made the right choice and we have saved almost 1.5 million tons of CO2, as much as planting 50 million trees! Every stone helps, only together can we turn the tide.

Want more ? https://www.engie.be/nl/onze-groene-energie/

This gift can be requested 3 times a year.