Up to €30 gift on your energy invoice

1,000 km for free with your electric vehicle. Together on the road to less carbon. Have you opted for a 100% electric or hybrid car? So you already emit much less carbon than with a normal car. ENGIE is happy to help you in every step of the journey to make the right choice by offering you an energy pack adapted to your home, your car and that is good for the environment. With ENGIE, your electricity is 100% green and Belgian!

For ENGIE customers who use Jeasy, ENGIE offers 1,000 km (and up to 3,000 km with 3 gifts) for free with an electric vehicle. And even if you’re not yet an ENGIE client, you can let Jeasy know you want to become one, and Jeasy will put you in touch with the appropriate department.

Let’s go further, up to 60% less carbon emissions than combustion engine cars. It also makes the air we breathe better and healthier thanks to lower emissions of other pollutants such as particulate matter.

Want more ? https://www.engie.be/nl/mobility/

This gift can be requested 3 times a year.