Enjoy a €6 voucher on your membership fee.

Blue-bike is a handy bike-sharing system that fits perfectly with public transport. You can find these bicycles at various train stations, major bus stops or P&Rs at about a hundred locations in Belgium. To be able to use a bicycle, you must first become a member of Blue-bike. You can then borrow a bicycle for a maximum of €3.15 for the first 24 hours (in most locations you only pay €1.15 thanks to the intervention of the municipality and the Flemish government). At the end of your ride, place your Blue-bike back in the original bicycle rack.

More info can be found on the website: www.blue-bike.beJoin?

Exchange 10 EcoMiles for a 50% discount on your membership fee and pay €6 instead of €12.

This voucher can only be requested once.