JoynJoyn becomes Jeasy and attracts new investors

Don’t say JoynJoyn anymore but Jeasy. The urban mobility assistant changes its name and raises significant funds of 525,000 euros in capital from new investors. The funding aims to support its technological and commercial development. There is already a lot of interest in the app with thousands of downloads. By offering an itinerary with a travel time integrating all the mobility solutions available, Jeasy responds to a real societal demand and contributes to improving the mobility of large cities.

Launched in September 2018 during Mobility Week in Brussels, after thousands of downloads, the application has now demonstrated its usefulness by offering a concrete solution and is given new impetus by changing its name.

The JoynJoyn app will soon be called Jeasy, the compression of “Easy Journey” or “easy journey” in French. A name that reflects the company’s ambitions: to facilitate mobility in urban areas by offering a clear view of the different means of transport (cars, shared bicycles or scooters, public transport, etc.) and the best way to combine them.

In view of this success, the Jeasy project has convinced many investors, private and public (finance &, business angels members of the Be Angels network, Securex, Bruno Vanderschueren) providing it with a rich and varied expertise. The funds raised will be used mainly to develop version 2 of the application, expected in January 2020, and to ensure its promotion.

New technological developments are on the program: quality and relevance of recommendations, personalization of advice or the use of artificial intelligence. “To be successful, change must take place gradually and must take into account user preferences. This includes taking personal vehicles into account when making our recommendations. We must be able to offer a solution that presents as few constraints as possible for the user. »Says Sébastien Curnel, CEO of Jeasy.

In addition, in order to increase its efficiency, Jeasy has developed a unique strategic partnership with the Artificial Intelligence department of Professor Bersini’s ULB. Mobility is indeed an ideal practical application case for AI. Researchers in Prof. Bersini’s team and the developers at Jeasy work closely together, each bringing their specific knowledge to create and implement the most efficient algorithms in the application. “Mobility that is both personalized and concerned with the community and the environment is a subject of great complexity that only AI algorithms can tackle today. Intermodality presents itself as the solution, but requires rapid and efficient research by optimization algorithms in the immeasurable jumble of possibilities (always growing). AI also makes it possible to store a great deal of user data and use it in order to offer them even more appropriate solutions. The IRIDIA center has developed this type of competence for more than thirty years, becoming one of the most important and renowned European AI laboratories. », Says Hugues Bersini.

Convinced of the potential of this Brussels start-up and of its innovative technology, finance & is investing 250,000 euros. “We must take advantage of new technologies to develop and boost the Brussels economy. And more, if this technology can respond to the improvement of mobility in urban areas “, underlines Pierre Hermant, Chairman of the management committee of finance &

The app is currently deployed in Brussels and Namur, and aims to convince residents and commuters of other large Belgian and also European cities in the coming months.

See you in a few Months to discover the new Jeasy App !

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