Jeasy and MaestroMobile join forces

Jeasy and Maestromobile, two pioneers in the world of MaaS (“Mobility as a Service”) in Brussels, are joining forces and launching Mobiline, the first multimodal and multichannel helpdesk to support the transition to more virtuous mobility.

The biggest challenge for tomorrow’s mobility lies in changing the mentalities and habits of individuals. There are two steps to do this. The first consists of an awareness of the existence of alternative mobility; the second to remove the brakes on its use through clear explanations of the various services. Once these two steps are completed, a universe of new opportunities opens up to users!

For the first step, Jeasy and Maestromobile provide residents with two precious tools. These are respectively the Jeasy app, allowing users to have a view of the different mobility solutions available and the best way to use them for their travels, and the Maestromobile experimental activities panel varying from gaming. coaching through Mobility Visits, the Mobility Van or the recent opening of the Brussels Mobility Store in the Anspach gallery, a stone’s throw from the Brussels pedestrian zone (

“Despite the growing supply of public, shared and personal means of transport, the psychological barriers to their use remain numerous for citizens and employees,” explains Xavier Tackoen, Chairman of Maestromobile. “The activities of Maestromobile have shown that people are lost in the face of the explosion in the supply of mobility. This generates a feeling of helplessness and even rejection. We are therefore witnessing a real educational issue and the need to answer questions involving several modes of transport. “

It remained to find a way to answer the multiple and diverse questions from users on all the mobility solutions available (public transport, shared cars, shared bikes / scooters / scooters, parking, etc.). This essential need is now covered by Mobiline: a helpdesk dedicated to mobility issues, supported by Jeasy and Maestromobile.

La Mobiline is a team of trained agents who are at the forefront of all mobility solutions. They are present daily at the Brussels Mobility Store but also respond by phone, chat and e-mail to users’ questions. Each interaction is integrated into a centralized request management software which is gradually enriched with a “Learning by doing” approach. The service has already proven its worth in June 2019 for the Mobility Passport coaching program set up by BECI and Maestromobile for the Brussels-Capital Region. The helpdesk also supported Bruxelles-Mobilité in July in Brussels at the start of the Tour de France.

“The Mobiline perfectly complements the range of solutions offered by mobility players who, together, want to make things happen. The pilot phase of the Mobiline is financially supported by BECI, VOKA and the FEB who wanted to concretely help companies in the Brussels metropolitan area to orient their employees towards alternatives to massive solo soloing. » says Sébastien Curnel, CEO of Jeasy.

The Mobiline is currently in the testing phase, and will be available from January 2020 to all companies wishing to provide support for the mobility of their employees.

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