Easy and Smart Mobility

Boost your company mobility

Increase the productivity of your employees

Unleash the power of MaaS

Intermodal Navigation

Jeasy has been carefully designed to improve the way people move in and around the city
Personal coach

Select your mood, and let Jeasy calculate the smartest and most relevant options for you

Performance Booster

Jeasy estimates the duration of your trip, its cost and related CO2 emissions, so you can make an informed decision


Jeasy easily combines several transportation modes, making the most out of all existing options

Mine, Please

Jeasy combines your own vehicles (car, bike or scooter) with other mobility options and increase your possibilities


Jeasy uses its proprietary algorithm to generate the most relevant recommendations

Love it, save it, share it!

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Discover what makes us different

  • 1
    Include your own mobility

    Jeasy can localize your own car, bike or scooter and if you like, we can even integrate them in our recommendations

  • 2
    Pick your Mood

    Jeasy will optimize your trip based on your preferences and your mood today

  • 3
    Enjoy your trip

    Jeasy will recommend smart combinations including various mobility options

Our Vision

Imagine a world where mobility isn't a challenge anymore , a world where moving in an around your favorite city would be an enjoyable experience.

Today's Mobility Challenges

What are the biggest mobility challenges of our customers ?
Complementary to the company car

How can I introduce alternative mobility options to better meet my employees' needs?

Propose a Competitive Package

How can I comply with legal & fiscal frameworks (i.e.: mobility budget, cafeteria plan, flex plan, etc …) and offer a competitive package

Single Invoice

How can I centralize invoicing for all costs and expenses to drastically reduce the administrative burden and VAT recover ?


How can I help my employees optimize their commute ?

Jeasy Business Packs

Compose a pack that includes relevant features for your organization's objectives
Mobility Payment Card

A payment card to centralize all employees mobility transactions

Soft mobility

Provide a soft mobility solution to employees (bike, scooter)

Jeasy Business Packs
Existing mobility mix integrationExisting mobility mix integration
Smart recommendations and alternative routesSmart recommendations and alternative routes
Tracking of your tripsTracking of your trips
Personnalized mobility StatisticsPersonnalized mobility Statistics
Your selected Jeasy featuresYour selected Jeasy features
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A single platform to track and manage employees' mobility


A dedicated call center to address any questions related to mobility concerns

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