How does the Jeasy application work?

The Jeasy application enables you to earn Jeasy EcoMiles, directly linked to the CO2 savings generated when you use so-called “green” means of transport (public transport, cycling, walking, etc.) for your trips. These Jeasy EcoMiles are then redeemable for various unique benefits or gifts offered by Jeasy’s partners.

Is Jeasy free ?

Yes, the Jeasy app is free for its users.

What the minimum age to use Jeasy ?

You must be 13 years old or older to use Jeasy.

How do you know what transport mode I'm using ?

We are using the sensors of your mobile phone, your GPS location as well as our proprietary algorithm to detect the transport you are in.

Can I add manually a trip ?

No you cannot because this is the essence of Jeasy. By using our App we make sure you are really using a transport modality that is saving CO2.

Is my data private ?

At Jeasy we take data privacy very seriously. Users do not have to create an account when starting to use the app. We do however need an email address to process the request to redeem Jeasy EcoMiles.

Do you have access to my smart phone when I don’t use the Jeasy app?

No, the Jeasy app can only track a user when the user has proactively asked Jeasy to track his trip to generate Jeasy EcoMiles.


Learn how to earn, and spend, Jeasy EcoMiles

How do you calculate the number of EcoMiles you get on a trip?

We apply a very simple rule:

  • 1 km by foot gives you 1 Eco Miles
  • 1 km by bike gives you 1 Eco Miles
  • 1 km by public transport gives you 0,5 Eco Miles

How does Jeasy calculate the CO2 savings?

The Jeasy app has a unique algorithm that can calculate the CO2 savings generated during a trip made at least partially with a means of transport other than the car.

When can I exchange Jeasy EcoMiles for rewards?

A user who has reached the necessary threshold to unlock access to the selected benefit or gift can redeem his Jeasy EcoMiles at any time.

Is there a max. number of Jeasy EcoMiles I can generate each month?

No, there is no limit to the number of Jeasy EcoMiles a user can generate each month.

Can I make a reservation for a benefit or gift?

No, users cannot book a benefit offered by one of our partners. The number of benefits or gifts is limited and the offer may vary at any time.

How do I exchange my Jeasy EcoMiles?

To redeem your Jeasy EcoMiles, go to the “Gift Box” section and simply select the gift or benefit you want to unlock. Be sure to have a sufficient number of Jeasy EcoMiles for the desired benefit.

Do Jeasy EcoMiles expire?

No, Jeasy EcoMiles do not expire.

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Do I have to do a search to record a trip ?

No, our intermodal routes recommendations engine is independent from the Smart Tagging feature. You do not have to follow Jeasy’s recommendations to earn Jeasy EcoMiles.

What is the geographical coverage ?

Jeasy is today available for the full Belgium territory.

What is Intermodality ?

Intermodality is the concept of using multiple transport modalities to reach a destination. Typically, a trip where you would start driving your car to a station, then jump on a train and finally walk to your destination is an example of intermodal trip.

Can Jeasy give me route recommendations for earning more Jeasy EcoMiles?

Yes, Jeasy provides intermodal trip recommendations for users who want to have suggestions or a clear view on the CO2 impact and time of their trip. Type a destination on the Home screen and let Jeasy show you Eco friendly routes.

What modalities are currently available in Jeasy ?

We make a distinction between the Personal Mobility and the Shared Mobility. The following modalities are available:

Personal Mobility

  • Car
  • Bike
  • Kick Scooter

Shared Mobility

  • Villo
  • Blue Bike
  • Billy Bike
  • Lime
  • Poppy Kick Scooter
  • Cambio
  • Poppy Car
  • Poppy scooter
  • De Lijn
  • TEC

Can I exclude certain modalities that I do not like using ?

Yes, if you go to “Settings” and then “My transport”, you can activate or de-activate the modalities you do not like. Jeasy will then take your preference into account when making a recommendation.

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