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Jeasy API aims to facilitate urban mobility by sharing with its users the optimal ways to get around. When integrating Jeasy API, you bring smart mobility to your employees, customers, patients or visitors.

The main advantages of JoynJoyn are: 

  • Integration of relevant mobility solutions, in and around Brussels

  • Calculation of routes based on real-time data

  • Integration of traffic, 

  • Customization of recommendations based on user preferences

  • Unique, logical and common sense algorithm

  • Multimodal solutions proposal – typical combinations: ‘train + bus’ or ‘car + metro’ 

  • Collection of data allowing the realization of statistics

  • Using AI and Machine Learning to constantly improve efficiency and performance


You can use the Jeasy APi to show all the mobility options that are available around a specific location. 

Our APi has been used for instance on the Brussels MobilMix web site during the Mobility Week in September 2018. 


Our restless API is available at the following URL : 

Technical information for developers is available at the following URL:

  • http://joynjoyn-dev.herokuapp.com/