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Leverage our unique technology to integrate Easy and Smart mobility to your application or your website.

Our “Shortest Path” algorithm is truly intermodal: it computes information from many different transportation options (car, bike, kick-scooter, public transports …) to optimize your journey.

Customize the users’ options (select Free floating or Personal Vehicles) and parameters (time, cost, ecology) for a unique on-demand experience.

Do not hesitate to contact us to request an Authentification Token and start testing our technology.


Any new transportation mode, existing or future, can be integrated in our intermodal algorithm.

B2B2C Multimodal

Jeasy will share only relevant recommendations to optimize your customers' journey, based on your defined business Mood.

Business Mood

Whether you want less cars on your parking lot or reduce your customers' CO2 emissions, let's play with how each parameter weights in to define your specific business Mood, in line with your objectives.


Our technology is independent from any Map technology, offering lots of opportunities for future improvements.

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Place the Jeasy button anywhere, but make it visible! Our SDK available for your sites and apps.

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Learn more about your customers' behaviors to come up with the best offers and solutions.


We are here to help, during and after the implementation.

Jeasy API

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20.000 calls

20.000 route calculations to optimize your customers' journeys.

Five B2B Mood

Integrate 5 multimodal moods to understand the routes

Intermodal algorithm

We offer a real multimodal AND intermodal algorithm.

Support & Reporting

We take pride in accompanying our clients, from the first meeting to the results delivery.

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