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Record all your trip

Select your preferred mode of transport & earn EcoMiles to choose gifts, coupons,...
Walk & Running

Walk with kids, friends or to catch up a train...

Bike & Step

Bike, step and electric bike are supported.

Public Transports

Bus, tram, train or metro

Jeasy home rewards

Cashback your mobility easily.

HR manager or director, your employees are looking for alternatives mobility benefits? Offer them flexible mileage fees, without increasing your employer’s costs.
Reduce your Carbon Foot print

Changing your mobility habits will have a direct impact on your CO2 emissions

Be rewarded

Thanks to our partners you have access to a broad range of unique advantages.

Your trips validated instantly

Jeasy takes care of the declarations to justify all your professional trips with automatic expense reports

Encourage your employees to use the best mode of transport.

As with the meal voucher model, your employees will benefit from the advantages of driving in an ecological way. Because we think you shouldn't just give them a bike...
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All your professional trips count. Each one!

Every work-related trip is eligible for kilometer allowances to compensate its costs. They can help offset the current inflation effectively for all workers.
Jeasy calculates and manages these declarations automatically for you. No more time lost on paperwork for your accounting or payroll purposes.

EcoMiles Rewards

JEASY enables companies to benefit from all multimodal mobility allowances. We want to give the choice, encourage and reward our everyday employes.