What is Jeasy ?

Jeasy is your day-to-day mobility assistant. It helps you visualize, in real-time, the best mobility options available around you.

Urban mobility is at the dawn of a revolution and want you to benefit from it. Together we will create a smarter mobility, better adapted to the city and your needs.

All in One

Jeasy is a comprehensive assistant. Our recommendations include the most relevant mobility solutions in and around the city: (shared) car, (shared) bike, shared scooters, train, tramway, subway, taxi, bus, walk or any combination of these.

Always with you

Jeasy is available 24/7 and easy to use. At one glance, get a clear view on all the mobility solutions available around you !

Inter Modal

Very often your trip might require to combine several transportation modes.

Jeasy will use its unique algorithms to generate the best options.

About Us

Jeasy (previously Joyn Joyn) was created in 2018 by 5 friends who live in Brussels and dreamed of a better mobility for the city they love.

They were convinced that new technologies and Artificial Intelligence could be leveraged to improve how people move, in and around cities.

From the original idea in 2017, to the launch of the concept in 2018 and now the work on the v2 of the app, they deployed tons of energy and passion to create a solution to improve mobility!

“Bonjour! Super votre application, merci on en avait bien besoin à Bruxelles. Est-il pensable de penser plus d’intermodalité . Par exemple, il m’arrive de remonter du bas en haut de la ville en transports en commun puis finir en vélo pour plus de rapidité et confort.”

Emilie , Bruxelles

Our Partners

Jeasy is proud to alreadry partner with the following companies

Recent Blog

19 novembre 2019 Sandrine Haenecour 0 Comments

Jeasy en Maestromobile, twee pioniers in de wereld van “Mobility as a Service” (MaaS) in Brussel, bundelen hun krachten en lanceren de Mobiline, de eerste multimodale en multichannel helpdesk ter ondersteuning van de overgang naar meer deugdzame mobiliteit. De grootste uitdaging voor de mobiliteit van morgen is het veranderen van de houding en gewoonten van mensen. Om dit te doen, twee stappen. De eerste is een besef van het bestaan…

19 novembre 2019 Sandrine Haenecour 0 Comments

Jeasy et Maestromobile, deux pionniers dans l’univers du MaaS (« Mobility as a Service ») à Bruxelles, unissent leurs forces et lancent la Mobiline, le premier helpdesk multimodal et multicanal pour accompagner la transition vers une mobilité plus vertueuse.   Le plus grand défi de la mobilité de demain réside dans le fait de changer les mentalités et les habitudes des individus. Pour ce faire, deux étapes. La première consiste en une prise…

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